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International Drop Shipping

International Drop Shipping

Oct 17

We support worldwide drop shipping. We ship directly to your customer instead of to you, so it saves the overall delivery time and your stocking cost in reselling our products.

You will simply put your customer’s shipping address in when checking out the shopping cart. A shipment tracking number will be emailed to the payee routinely once a shipment is dispatched.

Make a note to use saying it is a drop ship order so we will not insert our marketing materials in. If a customer wants to return an order, she will return at her shipping cost to our PO box and we will refund to your Paypal account.

Our selling price of drop ship order is the same as our retail order. We support drop ship only on the following four categories:

Leggings | Accessories 1 2 | Bags & Purses | Fun-Stuff

Other clothing items generally need more customer care and therefore not fit for drop shipping.

If you have an established selling business and are already buying in volume, we can offer you a discount on our list price and a wider choices of product category. Contact us with your selling reference for more details.

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What’s Drop Shipping?
Drop shipping is a product delivery method in which the seller (retailer) accepts payment for an order, but the customer receives the product(s) directly from the stockist (ie. Jacco Fashion*).Drop shipping is very beneficial to smaller retail shops, internet-only storefronts and those who primarily use catalogs for sales.One of the biggest problems drop shipping addresses for retailers is inventory control.In a traditional retail store setting, products are ordered in bulk from the manufacturer and must be stored in a secure area until displayed. This means maintaining a proper storage area, hiring employees to handle the stock and investing in security measures to prevent theft.

With drop shipping, the retailer does not keep a large inventory on the premises. More space can be devoted to displays, and fewer employees need to be hired to handle shipping, receiving, inventory and security.