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Popular Singer-Songwriter Juniel for Love

Popular Singer-Songwriter Juniel for Love

Jul 11

Juniel is a Korean singer-songwriter. She began her career in Japan before starting her career in Korea. She was first known as Junie but later on changed her stage name to Juniel. Juniel is derived by combining her name, Junie and L for ‘love’.

Natural, Pure Juniel

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She started playing guitar in the third-year of junior high school. She wrote her first song ‘Boy’ when she was 16 and the song is included in her first Japan EP ‘Ready Go!’. While studying in Japan, she appeared on many live events in Tokyo.

She won the Japanese audition program ‘Niji Iro Supernova’ in 2010, beating other singer-songwriters from all over the country. She was called the next Hikaru Utada, one of the bestselling Japanese recording artists of all time.