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Style Tips for Heart Face Shape

Style Tips for Heart Face Shape

Jan 16

If you don’t know what heart face shape is, it’s basically where you have a very small jaw line and it’s not very defined maybe a pointed chin,sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t it really depends on the person but the main thing is that you have a wide forehead.  So, a kind of a bigger forehead.  So that’s like the opposite of a square shape.

Style Tips for Heart Face Shape

Read a Heart Face Shape

You can definitely pull off the fringe. You know you have the forehead so it’s gonna minimize your forehead if you wear a fringe.  So also if you want to you could wear flip textiles, because flip textiles are gonna really add some volume to this section, so the lower part of your face .

Also straight styles are gonna look good on you rather than layer styles because again, they just bring volume to this section so the lower part of your face.

Marilyn Monroe has a heart shape face

Marilyn Monroe has a heart shape face

A good example of a celebrity that has a heart shape face is Marilyn Monroe.  She had a heart shape face and you know she was renowned for her bob, short bob whether it was curly, wavy or straight it suited her really well.  You wanna stay away from pull back styles, so anything that really is gonna emphasize your forehead like a pullback style it’s not gonna be right flattering on you.

For in terms of styles in earrings, you can have fun with that.  You can basically pick, pretty much pick any style you want so you’re very very lucky.  So whether it’s a disc earring like this, or whether it is something like this, a long one, It really doesn’t matter.

Masquerade Fringed With Beads Tassel Earrings 2 Colors

Masquerade Fringed With Beads Tassel Earrings

The one thing I will say is the bigger the earring, the better for your face shape because the more volume it’s gonna bring to your jaw.  Go for something with a lot of angles in it and that’s kind of interesting and unique and it can look something even like this, that’s kind a cool shape, I think, you know it’s kinda draw the attention to here rather than your forehead which is the wider part.

When you’re picking sunglasses you definitely want to go for something framelss glasses so if you don’t know what that means it means that basically it’s very self-explanatory it just means it doesn’t have frames on.  So don’t go for dark frames, don’t go for prominent frames, just go for frameless ones that you really can hardly even tell that you’re wearing glassess coz you don’t wanna widen out this part, you wanna keep it to a minimum.